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#7 – Ana Dias Batista


#6 – Pilar Quinteros

Friends of Perpetual Movement

#5 – Sandra Gamarra

Cielo Rasositu-5_sandra-gamarra_cielo-raso_installation-view_detail_photo-filipe-berndt-reduced_1420px

#4 – Beto Shwafaty

The Phantom Matrix (Old Structures, New Glories)SITU-4_Beto-Shwafaty_Phantom-Matrix-(Old-Structures,-New-Glories)_2016_Mixed-media_Phase-1_Installation-view_Photo-Filipe-Berndt_2-1420px

#3 – Ricardo Alcaide

Informal order



#2 – Daniel de Paula


#1 – José Carlos Martinat

SRE / Open data / SP



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